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Methods Used to Facelift

Cosmetic facial lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that aims at eliminating the unwanted visual signs of ageing especially wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck.

This process mainly works by tightening the underlying muscles and removing the excess skin.

Facelift serves to ensure you don’t leave your beautiful youthful appearance as a result of visual signs of ageing and also it can be used as the signs of ageing starts to show as a preventive measure.

There is no need to keep hiding your neck by covering it up with scarfs and such attires due to the insecurity you might feel about your sagging neck, simply take a facelift procedure that will make you look not only younger but also better and more confident.

You might also be self conscious and maybe find your face and neck appearing older than you feel which might suggest you need a facelift to get your confidence and self esteem back.

To treat specific areas of the facial skin, there are various skin-lifting procedures that are used today. For those who seek nonsurgical means, there is an injection option whereby the treatment of the visual signs of ageing is via injection with the relevant medicines.

one of the techniques used is mini-lift which is usually possible by making small incisions at the cover of the hairline do as to remove extra fats and tighten the skin.

Mini-lift is commonly performed on a skin that is just starting to reveal the signs of ageing implying that the individual is not ready for a full lift.

The neck-lift basically targets to rectify the excess fat issue under the chin and the sagging skin on the neck.

For the neck lift, incisions are commonly done around the ear lobe and behind the ear.

Limited incision facelift involves making of short incisions around your hairline and other areas such as under the upper lip, and the lower eyelids.

The other tech used in facelift is traditional facelift which also begins with incisions at the hairline region to the back of the ear.

Generally the first step during the surgical techniques of facelift is anaesthesia which is crucial to ensure the surgery is conducted effectively while you rest.

The facial region which is meant to be treated is what dictates where the incisions are made as the next step after anaesthesia.

After the procedure, the incisions are closed which could be done using various techniques such as glue and satures which can either dissolve or require to be removed after some time.

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