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Advantages of Hiring a Registered Agent in Your Company

Registered agents are hired by small businesses for the reasons of handling the company’s formal documents in the place of the business. Some of the official papers that a registered agent is allowed by the principal company to receive includes, lease renewal documents, franchise tax forms, lawsuit papers, annual reports and any other that the small business management will assign them. It is a legal requirement from many states that any business that is being registered should have a registered agent and the addresses of the agent be disclosed. What are the advantages of having a registered agent in your company? Read this article to learn some of the key advantages of hiring a registered agent in your company.

Registered agents guarantee you the privacy of your business’s information. Considering the different operations your company engages in, it’s not surprising that you may have a legal tussle in the court, it can be very bad when you are served with lawsuit proceedings in the presence of your clients. Engage the services of a registered agent and have your lawsuit papers and any other crucial documents delivered to you at your discretion.

A registered agent improves your work and personal security. Reduce the number of strangers coming to your workplace and at home to deliver important work-related paperwork by engaging a registered agent to receive them on your behalf. Be in control of your organization security by controlling the people visiting the premises as well as those coming to your residential area.

A registered agent will help you in planning your paperwork. Any business regardless of whether it is a start-up or a growing business, you’re likely to receive documents form different people and even other businesses, some of these documents can be crucial and some are into and others from scammers. Business owners and their workers can use a lot of time trying to sort out the many paperwork being sent to the company from the one that requires immediate attention to one that does not require attention. A registered agent will organize your paperwork, keep aside what is not genuine and present to you what needs immediate attention.

You can relocate your business without having to file for a change of address. The federal law requires that any business owner to file a notice of change of address when they are looking to move their business to another location, this can be an expensive and time-consuming procedure. having a registered agent, you don’t have to file for the change of address, instead, your RA will receive any documents and bring them to your new address.

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