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Reasons Grass-fed Beef is Popular Today

When dealing with red meat, quality is essential. Most health-conscious consumers love grass-fed beef labels. You can choose the best steaks, burgers, and jerky, but you need to understand what it is you are buying first. Consumers love grass-fed beef because it is leaner and healthier than its counterpart. The grass-fed option is healthier because it has conjugated linoleic acids with anti-inflammatory benefits and improves immunity besides the vital antioxidant vitamins.

Grass-fed beef has 50% higher omega-3 fatty acids which are less likely to have antibiotics resistant bacteria making it superior. The main difference in the diet of the animals changes the fat content and nutrient content of the meat. The main diet for grass-fed cattle is grass and foraged foods. Eating grass-fed beef gives you certain health benefits such as less total fat, more antioxidant vitamins like vitamin E, which are heart-healthy diet.

You will see a noticeable difference by just looking at the grass-fed beef and the grain-fed beef. Grass-fed beef is darker as it does not possess fat marbling. Feeding the cattle grains before being slaughtered will add fat and pounds at a faster rate which gives the beef a richer taste. Nutrition is vital, and the grass-fed option is known to be lower in calories.

Many people are choosing to buy grass-fed beef because of the benefits, although it is costly. There is more grass-fed beef hitting the market currently. People love the beef because of its low calories and other benefits like more antioxidants etc. Feeding the cattle with grains alone only increases their bulkiness and lowers their cost per pound.

Check with your local butcher to find out which type of beef they are stocking up which can be either organic or grain-fed beef. Most consumers buy beef they can easily afford, but many have started to realize the benefits of eating grass-fed beef. The health benefits you enjoy from grass-fed beef over grain fed beef is what makes a great difference. The best way to stay healthy is by regulating the dangerous fats and bacteria that you consume when you don’t carefully consider the beef you buy.

Professionally, eating organic beef is better in many ways, mostly due to the many health benefits. You can improve your diet by taking your grass-fed beef with healthy starch like sweet potatoes or the black beans, among other options. Ensure you eat your beef in moderation to ensure that you are not overindulging which can be dangerous to your health. The reputation of the suppliers is something you need to consider to ensure that you buy meat that is healthy to you and your family.

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